Lesson Plan

This is a literacy lesson based on the theme of inference using Juanita Havill’s book, Jamaica Tag-Along.  The goal of the lesson is to promote social awareness among the students, using story clues, and personal experiences to make inferences. Also this lesson will encourage students to think about how others feel and make the connection to their own personal experiences. The children will complete a literature response worksheet after the classroom discussion. After the literacy lesson is completed the children will create a character web using

Implementation of the Lesson Plan

I taught the lesson to 8 years old children in the afterschool program at the recreation center.  I did not make any changes to the lesson plan. I started the lesson by asking the following questions:

How many of you have an older brother or sister?

What is your relationship with your brother or sister?

What do you think the book is about?

The purpose of the questions is to allow the students to make personal connections to the story.  I wanted to introduce the story by allowing the children to discuss their relationships with their older siblings.  Many of the children could relate to having an older brother or sister.  I started reading the book to the children. They were very eager to hear the story. While reading the story, I stopped at certain points of the story to allow the children to turn and talk to each other to discuss important events of the story. I listen to the children discuss how characters in the story treated each other. After reading the story, the children work together in pairs of two and completed the literature response worksheet. Then I taught a brief lesson on using to create a character web. The children were very excited to use a computer. They were eager to learn a new technology tool. The children worked together and helped each other to complete the assignment. The children understood the message of the story.


            I enjoyed teaching the literacy lesson to the children in the afterschool program. I am happy that the Afterschool Coordinator and the Center Manager allowed me to do the assignment at my workplace. The purpose of the lesson was to allow children to make inference using story clues from the book, Jamaica Tag Along.  Inferencing allows the student to use clues to make predictions pertaining to the story. There were many strategies used to implement the lesson. Before I read the story, I started with several questions to find out what the children know. This was a great opportunity for the children to share their own personal experiences about a sibling and make a connection to the story. The children worked together to answer questions using the literature response worksheet. My coworker complements the children on their behavior and attention during the classroom discussion. There were examples of social constructivism with the lesson. In addition to working on the worksheet, the children brainstorm ideas about the story. Then they created a character web using The strategy of cooperative learning was applied by allowing students to work together and help each other on the assignment.

            In order for the lesson to be a success, teacher must prepare themselves by reviewing the story and questions that will be discussed with the children.  Teachers need to know basic computer skills to integrate the mine mapping component of the lesson. Also, they should read articles on different types of instructional strategies for the literacy lesson. I will assess the children by their answers from the classroom discussions, teamwork, and the literature worksheet. I want to make sure that they understood the message of the story.

            Technology played a small role in the literacy lesson. First, I demonstrated how to use The children learned the online tool very quickly. The advantage of implementing technology to the lesson was to allow the children to be creative and learn a new interactive tool. Adding technology to the lesson help enhance learning. was a good choice because it is user friendly and easy to use with children. The children were excited to use the online tool.  They were familiar with creating webs because many of them use Kidspiration and Kid Pixx. The children did not ask any questions about the activity. Many of them are very computer literate.  Overall, this was a great experience for me.

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